Update XD database connection strings to include multisubnetdfailover=True for Always on availability groups

This is a quick blog after setting up XD databases on always on availability groups i had a requirement to update the database connection strings for each FMA service to include the multisubnetfailover=True string this is a recommended setting when using Always on availability groups even if you are not using a multi subnet cluster as it speeds up the recovery when a HA event occurs when using always on availability groups for the Citrix databases


First of all down the powershelll scripts from below link


copy them to the Delivery controller and add the Citrix snap ins using add-pssnapin Citrix* we then need to run the Change_XD_To_MultiSubnetFailover.ps1 script. It will prompt us about changing the database connection string to include MultiSubnetFailover=True confirm the prompt


Strings have now been changed run the various get- db connection strings cmdlets and confirm that for each FMA service it now includes MultisubnetFailover=True in the connection string for each service


Open Studio to confirm everything is still working



Job Done  🙂